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That old saying, "It doesn't rain, but it pours" is applying itself to us lately.

We have succumbed to another flood, this time in our basement. This is delaying the grooming salon and wee shop renovation, yet again.

Good News! We will be receiving an order of Happy Tails Cat and Dog Food next week! Please contact us to arrange a time to get food. Firstmate, Kasiks, and Diamond Naturals Cat and Dog Foods are ordered and will be expected shortly sometime in October.

The Sonic Flea & Tick Products are also arriving shortly.

We appreciate your understanding as we try to arrange grooming with clients for the interim. Tiffany has been calling people and voicemail messages have been left with clients; if you do not call back than it is assumed you are no longer interested in our services. If this is not the case, then please call us back to make arrangements @ 705 201 1439 and leave a voicemail.

Please understand that Tiffany's health has been poor and she has only been out of hospital for 6 weeks. It was out of our control that grooming appointments had to be cancelled and rearranged.

Running a small business is difficult at the best of times.... being sick and hospitalized for over a month is devastating. We thank our loyal clients for understanding and patience during this time of transition and healing.

Better times are ahead and the new Grooming Salon and Shop will be fabulous!

Customer Comments

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My kids and I went looking for supplies for our birds. We were so pleased with the selection of budgie toys & food. Happy to buy from a local store!

Kelli - Havelock

Tiffany and Graham are a real treasures. Their knowledge about animal care is terrific. The have integrity, compassion and are very generous with sharing their information. They also make sure that the products they sell are from ethical companies. Tiffany is amazing at grooming dogs and I have heard also cats. Feel very lucky to have Becca's to go to. Highly recommend.

I also wanted to add that our pets are looking and feeling healthier than ever before thanks to the nutritious, great quality food we get at Becca's.

Dania - Havelock

My neighbours and I (there are 4 of us) all get our pet food at this store and our dogs are much happier and healthier as a result. As most of them have corn allergies, they much more content and we have a lot less cleaning now.

Barb - Marmora

Tiffany is a very brave gal to even think of grooming cats! She did a beautiful lion cut on my male cat Garf! He hates his bottom touched butt she took control and did a fabulous job even though Garf ripped her tee shirt and peed on her! Ouch what a trooper!! She's the best!

Kim - Havelock

I pay a visit to Tiffany and Graeme for all my animals' needs. My husband owns a Bassett hound and walking with her is anything but enjoyable. I recently purchased a CANNY collar and she was instantly a different dog . I highly recommend this to anyone who does not wish to engage in a tug of war . Take a minute and go check out Tiffany and Graeme's store . They carry fabulous products for pets and people. Whatever you need they can help and they are friendly, knowledgeable and just great people. 😃

Thanks for everything!

Sonya - Havelock

BEST PET STORE EVER!!! Tiffany and Graeme are the best!!! Best products for best prices. And they have great people stuff too!!!

Laurie - Rush Point

Tiffany is a very brave gal to even think of grooming cats! She did a beautiful lion cut on my male cat Garf! He hates his bottom touched butt she took control and did a fabulous job even though Garf ripped her tee shirt and peed on her! Ouch what a trooper!! She's the best!

Kim - Havelock

I can't say enough about Tiffany and Graham. They are always so helpful and friendly and extremely knowledgeable about all of their products. Mindy looks like the little princess she is when she's been to the salon. Thank you guys!

Karen - Havelock

Very impressed with their shop. They have excellent knowledge and enjoy serving their customers/clients. They have helped tremendously with chronic ear problems in our floppy-eared dog, and he is generally much more fit and healthy.

Tom - Havelock

They take time to talk about their products,they listen to the customers concerns regarding the pet food choices,I am very pleased with the food I have bought for my pets and will continue to buy there.

Kathryne - Campbellford

What a wonderful store, my Bentley is always excited to go in the store. everyone is very helpful when assisting me with whatever my pet needs are. The range of knowledge and amount of TLC I get whenever I visit makes me want to come back for years to come....Thank-you Tiffany and Graeme!

Marie - Marmora

Great store, owners have great knowledge of animals and nutrition. Lucky Havelock!

Sue Glover - Cobourg

Great to have a pet Grooming in Havelock. We brought in my dog that was the scruffiest,worst smelling mutt, and got back a beautiful girl dog...WE WILL BE BACK!

Heather Bayer - Havelock

Typhany and Graham of Becca's Pet Emporium are extremely knowledgeable,friendly and offer great service. My 2 year old golden retriever had terrible hot spots and Typhany suggested switching from a vet supplied food to grain free. This year, Farley has had absolutely no hot spots even though he is in the water daily. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants the best for their pet.

Fern - Marmora

Your website is developing very nicely...Good Work! I wish Becca's Pet Emporium was closer so you could look after 'Dusty' and 'Stripes' for me. Pictures are great...Becca work hard and sell lots. Love You Guys

Margaret Townsand - Surrey, BC

Very knowledgeable staff!! They completely stand behind their product. It's nice to go into a store and have someone know about the product they are selling. They have done wonders for my 2 kitties! They are healthier and happier with the GO cat food! Cheaper for me in the long run. Thanks guys!! :)

Tanya - Peterborough

when we dropped in we found them to be very knowledgeable about Pet nutrition...

Lyle Derlago - BuckHorn

"Never hurried,never rushed,just the right amount of service for the customer and care for my pets" buster(dog) says"Groomed just the right way for my mistress smells good and looks smart" my honey-bear (other dog) has never looked better!

King-Tru-Baril - Havelock

Looks like an awesome place. Wish you were out West so you could help with our new puppy and our 2 other pets :-)

Pam Swales - Red Deer, AB.

Tiff has groomed our "Lily" from the first time we got her. Her compassion & love for Lily has been remarkable. Lily receives the best of care, and "smells" so yummy when we get her back. Don't ever leave us Tiff, you are "our heaven sent angel" looking after our "animals" we love you girlfriend....always mare

Marilyn Manuel - Peterborough

This is what we needed. A friendly staff where you can go and get all the proper info that you need for youe pets, weather thay are big or small. Tiffany and Graham stand behind the product 100%. It is also a nice place for a chat.

Mandy - Norwood

We took our Golden Retriever into Tiffany yesterday to have his ears cleaned. His ears were cleaned quickly and professionally and Tiffany and Graeme gave us tips on some things we could do to help prevent further problems.

Dave Stewart - Havelock

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