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Cat Toys & Accessories

We carry functional litter boxes, natural odour controlling litter, scratch posts and quality made bedding to make you cat feel comfortable at home.

The majority of our products are Canadian made and only use top quality materials and workmanship.

Cat Toys & Accessories



Yeoww Toys Image

Yeoww Toys

Solid catnip filled toys in a variety of sizes and styles.

Made with durable cotton canvas material these toys will last for years.

GoCatGo Toys Image


Zany fun cat toys which offer your cat exciting and new ways to play.

Special treat dispensing toys, catnip toys, soft toys & more.

FatCat Toys Image


Larger sized cat toys for those cats that like some funky fun in their play.

Choose from crinkle, squeaky, and mat toys that offer your cat hours of fun.

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Toy Balls

Choose from sponge foam, hard foam, rattle, crinkle puff, or jungle balls.

Cats love to bat and chase the fast flying balls around the house.

Toy Mice Image

Toy Mice

Choose from felt, fur, sisal, rattle, bobble, and feathered mice to entice the natural hunting instinct in your feline.

These smaller mice toys are great for cats to pounce, chase, and chew on.

Cat Collars Image

Cat Collars

Safety cat collars in a variety of designs.

If caught the collars will break, preventing any injury to your cat.

Cat Harnesses  Image

Cat Harnesses & TieOuts

Ontario made adjustable snug fit harnesses and matching tie outs available for all sizes of cat.

Guardian Angel Cat Litter

Guardian Angel Cat Litter

Guardian Natural Pine Clumping Litter.

Superior odour control with no chemicals,

100% natural and pure ingredients.

6.3kg and 12.7kg

Blue Buffalo Cat Litter

Blue Buffalo Cat Litter

Natural Walnut based litter available in clumping or non-clumping pellets.

Biodegradable, flushable, compostable with excellent odour control.

2.7kg; 7.7kg; 15.4kg

Cat Litter Image

Cat Litter

Available in Feline Fresh Pine clumping & non clumping and Firella Creek Clumping Clay. 2kg-18kg.

Litter Boxes Image

Litter Boxes

Available in all sizes covered and uncovered.

All infused with Microban, to prevent bacteria growth in the plastic.

Litter Scoops Image

Litter Scoops

Available in various sizes infused with Microban to prevent bacteria growth in the plastic.

Stainless Steel Cat Dishes Image

Stainless Steel Cat Dishes

These shallow dishes are available in a variety of sizes and weights.

Standard and non skid available.

Cat Self Feeders/Waterers Image

Self Feeders/Waterers

Self feeders and waterers are infused with Microban to prevent bacteria growth.

Available in 5L and 10L sizes.

Becca's Toy Box

Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

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