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Pet & Cleaning Products



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Bottles and Nipples

Designed to make hand feeding baby animals safe and easy.

Easy to read measurements and differently sized and shaped nipples make accepting the bottle less challenging for little ones.

Odour Out Skunk't Image

Odour Out Skunk't

A Natural enzyme based spray that permanently gets rid of skunk odour on your pet, in the house, or outside.

Just spray and let dry! Can also be used for other odours such as urine.


Fabric Refresher Image

Fabric Refresher

A pet safe alternative to other fabric sprays on the market.

These Canadian made, enzyme based sprays help keep furniture and other fabrics smelling and feeling clean!


Reusable Diapers Image

Reusable Diapers

Designed to fit dogs and cats snuggly with easy velcro tabs.

Used to prevent leakage when in heat or showing signs of incontinence.

Fully washable and reusable.

Sizes: xxs-xxl

Tropiclean Fresh Breeze Cleaner

Tropiclean Fresh Breeze Cleaner

Designed specifically for animal smells and stains.

Specific formulas for carpet, hard floors, litter boxes, and more.

Uniquely blended with habit breaker to stop the cycle of repeat marking.

Size: 346ml

Simple Solution Cleaner Image

Nature's Miracle

The perfect solution for any pet mess. Accidents, grass stains, mud, vomit, blood, and odors are no match for Nature's Miracle's bio-enzymatic cleaning formula, works to permanently eliminate many organic stains and odors

Assorted Formulas and Sizes

Orange A Peel Cleaner Image

Orange A Peel Cleaner

100% derived from natural orange peel oil.

This highly concentrated cleaning formula can be used throughout the house and yard. Cuts through grease, urine, and more.

Can be used on all surfaces, leaves a fresh orange scent.

Must be used diluted with water. Safe around pets.

Sizes: 250ml - 4l

Becca's Toy Box

Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

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