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Critter Accessories

These are just some products in our critter accessories line up.

We always have a variety of different accessories for all types of pets in stock.

Please visit us to check out the latest assortment, as it is always changing!

Critter Accessories



Assorted Chews and Toys

Assorted Chews and Toys

Small animals need to chew. A variety of natural and playful chew blocks are available for your critter to naturally keep their teeth healthy and strong.

These chews and toys also keep your pet mentally stimulated by providing chewing fun.

Ceramic Dust Bath House

Ceramic Dust Bath House

Provide your chinchilla (and other dust bathing critters) a safe and sturdy bath house.

Designed to provide a safe bathing experience by preventing chewing and tipping.

*20kg Chinchilla Dust available by Special Order.

FiddleSticks Bendable Hideaways

FiddleSticks Bendable Hideaways

All natural vegetable coloured wood that can be bent into any shape to provide a quiet home, walking bridge, or climbing obstacle.

Edible and safe for small animals from mice to rabbits.

Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

Large safety metal wheel that can be hung from or sat in your pet's cage.

Designed to be used by small animals from mice to guinea pigs.

Lava Landing

Lava Landings

Large perches that can be used for small animals and birds. Stimulates and provides exercise for your pet.

Create easily accessible hopping ledges with these uniquely designed, gripping concrete perches.

Stimulates and provides exercise for your pet.

Corner Litter Pans Image

Corner Litter Pans

Specifically designed to fit into small animal cages.

These Microban infused pans prevent bacteria growth and encourage your pet to use the litter pan.

Pine Shavings Image

Pine Shavings

Specifically packaged for all small animals.

Pure pine has been cleaned and sterilized to make a safe and fresh bedding for all small animals.

Available in 1L to 60L sizes.

BOXO Bedding Image

Boxo Bedding

Recycled paper materials are used to make a soft and fluffy bedding for all small animals.

Helps reduce odour and keep those little feet comfortable.

Available in 20L to 56L size.

Feline Fresh Pine Pellets Image

Feline Fresh Pine Pellets

Ideal for odour control in all animal cages.

Can be used alone or in conjunction with other bedding to increase absorbency and odour control.

Available in 2kg to 18kg sizes.

Snak Shaks Image

Snak Shaks

Fully edible hide aways that your small pet can exercise their teeth on while hiding and resting.

Exercise Balls Image

Exercise Balls

Available for all sizes of small animals.

These clear balls allow your pet to roll about the house in the safety of a durable, lockable ball.

*To be used under supervision for short periods of time only.

Water Bottles Image

Water Bottles

Designed to sit on the outside of your pet's cage.

Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml sizes.

Becca's Toy Box

Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

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