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Critter Products - Foods

We carry a variety of treats, stimulating toys, and cages to suit every species of bird and their special requirements.

Critter Foods

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Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Degu, Rat/Mouse, Hamster/Gerbil, Chinchilla

Martin Little Friends

Ontario made all natural pellet diet that provides optimum nutrition for these special critters.

Designed for all life stages

Available in 2kg - 5kg sizes.

Martin Timothy Hay 96oz

Small Animals

Martin Timothy Hay

All-natural product containing no pesticides or herbicides. It contains no artificial colours, flavourings, additives or preservatives. It is harvested at its peak of growth during optimal weather conditions at the prime time of day. Martin little friends Timothy Grass Hay is hand-selected and hand-packed to ensure the highest quality product for your pet..

Available in 96 oz size.

Becca's Toy Box

Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

Human Products

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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue

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