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Healty Grain Dog Foods


Healthy Grain diets provide your pet with premium meats and whole grains to provide optimum nutrition.

Whole grains are beneficial as complex carbohydrates and fibre. These diets provide a complete and healthy diet for pets of all ages, breeds, and health.

Lifetime Logo

Lamb Oatmeal - 2.5kg, 13kg
Fish Oatmeal - 2.5kg, 13.6kg
Large Breed Chicken - 13.6kg
Performance Chicken - 13.6kg
Chicken Oatmeal - 2.5kg, 13.6kg

Lifetime Dog Food

Providing all of the nutrients required for your pet through all life stages, using quality ingredients.

Using a single meat protein that is highly digestible along with Oatmeal & Barley and Prebiotics promote optimal digestion.

Flaxseed, Herring oil, Chelated Minerals support healthy skin and coat and Yucca Schidigera extract to aid in the reduction of stool odors.

Wholesome Blend Healthy Grains

Sensitive Stomach - 4.5kg, 12.75kg

Wholesome Blend Healthy Grains

Provides complete holistic nutrition for all life stages using high quality meat proteins and a carefully blended combination of herbal ingredients to support the body, including Yucca Schidigera Extract, which reduces stool odour.

The balanced protein and amino acid profile encourages a healthy body condition and lean muscle mass.

Beneficial fiber sources and probiotic cultures encourage healthy digestion.

Maxim Giant Breed and Reduced Calorie


Maxim Giant Breed and Reduced Calorie

Holistic Dry Dog Food contains wholesome, natural ingredients for the concerned health-conscious pet owner. Drug-free proteins, chemical-free grains, chelated minerals, chosen fruits & vegetables and oils are combined to produce this beneficial and highly digestible diet.

Not only is MAXIM Large & Giant Breed truly palatable, but the balance of fatty acids, skin & coat conditioners help keep your large breed dog healthy and happy, inside and out!

Ingredients such glucosamine and chondroitin assist in joint and skeletal support while the larger kibble size assist in providing dental support. MAXIM Large Breed is formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile for all stages of a dog's life.

Happy Tails food

Happy Tails Dog Food

Our holistic and wholesome pet food, with certified organic veggies and fruit, has been explicitly developed by us and a veterinarian to produce a complete, tasty, and nutritionally balanced diet. The lamb formula is for dogs of all ages and all breeds. Made in British Columbia.

First Mate Grain Friendly

First Mate Grain Friendly

Made in BC using single protein and only two wholesome grains. The Grain Friendly category is free of corn, wheat, soy, potato and peas making it optimum for daily feeding or sensitivities. The chicken fat used in FirstMate Pet Foods is processed free of protein, eliminating the risk of allergies derived from chicken. Availble in Lamb, Chicken or Fish Formula.

Grain Free Dog Foods

Grain Free diets provide your pet with a select blend of Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables without the use of grain ingredients.

Grain Free food is beneficial for pets of all ages, breeds, and health. Especially helpful for those pets with grain sensitivities and/or environmental sensitivities.

Zignature Grain Free

Duck, Turkey, Zssential 5-Meat, Trout & Salmon and Lamb - 4lb or 27lb

>New Formula: Kangaroo!

Zignature Grain Free

100% USA sourced and manufactured, using high quality, low glycemic ingredients and offering single protein source diets. Especially beneficial for those with sensitivities. No corn, wheat, soy, dairy, chicken or egg.

Wholesome Blend Grain Free

Small Breed Surf & Turf - 2.5kg, 6.5kg
Med Breed Surf & Turf - 6.5kg, 13.2kg
Lrg Breed Surf & Turf - 13.2kg
Red Meat Turf - 400g, 4.5kg, 11.36kg

Wholesome Blend Grain Free

Grain Free diet, developed for all life stages, with 90% of the total dietary protein from Premium Canadian Meats and 25% Healthy Fruits and Vegetables.

Added botanicals, Omegas, Digestive Enzymes, and Minerals. Provides a moderate protein, fat, and low glycemic diet.

Firstmate Grain Free

Pacific Ocean Fish and Lamb

Firstmate Grain Free

As a family owned manufacturer and pet owners ourselves, we take a great deal of pride in the quality, safety and performance of our products. The investment in both a dry production facility and cannery provide us with increased confidence in the quality of our diets.

Made in BC using Single Source Protein, Limited Ingredient Diets using Canadian ingredients.The chicken fat used in FirstMate Pet Foods is processed free of protein, eliminating the risk of allergies derived from chicken. Available in Lamb and Pacific Ocean Fish.

Kasiks Grain Free

Chicken, Lamb or Whitefish.

Kasiks Grain Free

Made in BC. Single Meat Protein, this healthy formula is loaded with beneficial antioxidants including Coconut and Kale.

Valen’s Grain Free

Xalen'a Grain Free

Meat ingredients are never frozen, fresh de-boned red meats, poultry and fish fit for human consumption that are sourced through our trusted network of HACCP audited local and regional farmers who raise, produce or harvest the animals from the fertile plains of Western Canada as well as the Pacific Ocean. Our meats are delivered daily and are refrigerated throughout transportation to retain the highest nutrient value possible. A mixture of fresh de-boned meat inclusion kibble, combined with inclusions of pure freeze-dried beef liver, chicken, salmon or cod corresponding with the first meat inclusions in the kibble that we call VITA-CUBE.

N & D Boar and Pumpkin Formula

N & D Boar and Pumpkin Formula

Grain Free Pumpkin Formula using a unique technology that allows us to include vitamins at a lower temperature after the cooking process, ensures the entire nutritional value of the vitamins we use are still bioavailable in our finished kibble. Made in Italy.

Forzai 10 Veterinary Formula

Forzai 10 Veterinary Formula

Veterinary formulated Prescription Diets with Medicinal Properties. Diets complete and balanced nutritional supply, are functional towards the resolution of inflammatory diseases and to the maintenance of a state of well-being in dogs and cats uses clean raw materials of excellent quality, GMO and Gluten free.

Lifetime Grain Free

Lifetime Grain Free

All Life Stages Recipe provides a single meat protein diet providing all the nutrients required for your dog from puppy to adult, using high quality ingredients with NO Grains, Glutens, By-Products or Artificial Preservatives. Made in Ontario.

Dehydrated Dog Foods



Wellmade Dehydrated

CloudStar Wellmade Dehydrated Foods

Each bag of mix includes dehydrated ingredients they’ll love and you recognize like carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, and pumpkin. We pre-cook our pulse ingredients for better digestibility. Three recipe options include air-dried meats in the bag, which means all you need is water. Great for on the go. Great for rotation diets.

NRG Dehydrated Foods

NRG Dehydrated Foods (Special Order Only)

Made in BC with human grade meats, fruits and vegetables. Non GMO. Free Range Meat. Just add water!

Becca's Toy Box

Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

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