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Dog Treats

Our stock of dog treats varies throughout the year. Below is a examples of the different types of treats we carry. Not all products are available at any specific time.

Healthy Grains Dog Treats - Grain Free Dog Treats - Natural Chews

Healthy Grains Dog Treats


Whole grains are beneficial as complex carbohydrates and fibre.

Used in treats to promote healthy digestion and flavour.



K9 Choice Lil' Bags of Courage

Buffalo or Lamb
227g or 1kg

K9 Choice Lil' Bags of Courage

Pure raw frozen Buffalo or Lamb hearts for cats and dogs.

Perfect for treats, training or as an addition to the diet.

100% Canadian sourced and made.

Pets4Life Smoked Lamb Tripe Treats  145g



Smoked Lamb Tripe Treats 145g

Naturally smoked lamb tripe cut into small bite sized pieces.

Perfect for finicky dogs, those that need some extra digestive enzymes, and for training.

Treat Time Economy Cookies

Assorted Flavours or Chicken

Treat Time Economy Cookies 3.2kg

Canadian made, all natural economical medium and large sized cookies.

Perfect for the dog without ingredient sensitivities.

Available in Three Sizes

Chemical and by-product free.

Amielia Dog Biscuits

Canadian Bacon,
Chicken Parmesan,
Beef & Cheddar

Amelia Biscuits Single - 395g

Ontario made, gourmet baked cookies for dogs of all sizes.

Extra crunchy texture in a variety of recipes helps keep teeth clean.

Legacy Active Rewards Dog Treats

Pork & Herring

Legacy Active Rewards 400g

Active Rewards Dog Treats are made in Ontario and available in two formulas to increase mobility and health. Perfect as a reward or as a joint supplement.

Active Reward Plus: Large cookie manufactured using Elk Antler Velvet.

Active Reward: Same tasty formula without the Elk Velvet

SOJOS Good Dog Treats

Chicken Pot Pie,
Peanut Butter & Jelly,
Blueberry Cobbler,
Apple Dumpling

SOJOS Good Dog 227g

Hand made tiny bite sized hard cookies perfect for small dogs or training.

Grain Free Dog Treats

Grain Free treats use a select blend of Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables without the use of grain ingredients.

Especially helpful for those pets with grain sensitivities and/or environmental sensitivities.



Spoil The Dog Bakery Image


Spoil The Dog Bakery 250g

An assortment of tasty cookies locally made in Ontario.

No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, No By-products.

Pill Buddy Naturals Image

Pill Buddy Naturals 150g

Canadian made, 100% Natural chewy treat that can be used on its own or to give medication to your dog and cat.

No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, No By-products.

Grizzly Cat & Dog Treats Image


Salmon Fillet Treats 85g

100% Pure Alaskan Salmon dried into a crunchy jerky for cats and dogs.

Healthy and Tasty!

Grizzly Dog Treats Image


Premium Salmon Treats 170g

Salmon and kelp deliciously made into a crunchy bite size morsel.

Grain Free, all natural.

SOJOS Grain Free Dog Treats

Duck & Cherry, Lamb & Sweet Potato

SOJOS Grain Free 283g

Grain free medium sized hard cookie made with garbanzo beans.

Benny Bully Liver Chops

Beef Liver

Benny Bully Liver Chops 80g - 1.5kg

Pure beef liver freeze dried into a soft crunchy treat that is easy to break.

Perfect for training and snacking.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Boost Bites

Chicken, Beef, Venison, Lamb

Nature's Variety Instinct Boost Bites 82g - 113g

Grain Free. Raw meat is freeze dried into tasty and highly digestible bite sized morsels.

Perfect as a snack or dietary supplement

Dog Chews




Terrabones Individual or Packaged

All natural, low calorie dog treats in crunchy and chewy varieties.

Made with peppermint and parsley for fresh breath, organic rice and oats.

100% USA sourced and produced.

Fruitables Cookies

Fruitables Cookies

All natural, low calorie dog treats in crunchy and chewy varieties.

These tasty bite sized treats are perfect for training
and rewarding your pet!

Chewy: Pumpkin/Mango; Apple/Bacon; Pumpkin/Berry; Rotisserie Chicken

Crunchy: Crispy Bacon/Apple; Pumpkin/Blueberry; Pumpkin/Apple; Pumpkin/Banana; Sweet Potato/Pecan; Pumpkin/Cranberry

Paragon Dental Chews

Whimzies Dental Chews

All natural, potato based chew helps promote healthy gums and teeth.

Grain Free! Available in toothbrush, alligator, hedgehog designs in all sizes.

Available Individually or Packaged

Pro Nature Oral Chews

Pro Nature Oral Chews 226g

All natural, chemical free dental chews help promote healthy gums and teeth.

Available in multiple sizes in bone and stick designs.

No Corn/Soy/Wheat

Crump's Sweet Potato Chews

Crump's Sweet Potato Chews     85g - 450g Bags

All natural, chemical free vegetarian alternative to traditional rawhide.

Long lasting chew promotes healthy teeth and gums while providing your dog with entertainment.

Available in Traditional and Beef Liver Sprinkled

Deer/Elk Antlers XS-XXL

Deer/Elk Antlers XS-XXL

All naturally shed, unbleached antlers that provide hours of chewing activity for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Available in whole or split.

Cow Hooves

Cow Hooves

Safety cut to prevent sharp edges and cleaned to prevent bacteria.

Perfect for a long lasting chew for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Barktastic! Natural Fruit Dog Treats

Cow & Pig Ears

Cow and Pig ears are a great treat for those dogs that want a softer chew.

All natural and full of flavour! Not recommended for daily use.

Marrow Bones XS-XXL

Marrow Bones XS-XXL

Cow bones that are lightly smoked to prevent bacteria/germ growth. Dogs love these tasty long lasting chews.

Available from 4" - 24".


Rawhide XS-XXL

An assortment of rolled & pressed rawhide chews for dogs of all sizes.

Available in sticks, bones, shoes, and rolls. Not recommended for puppies under 12 months.

Bull Wrinkles Dog Chews

Bull Wrinkles Dog Chews 5" - 8"

A solid medium strength beef chew that dogs love.

Carefully cleaned to maintain flavour and safety for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Becca's Toy Box

Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

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