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Pet Grooming Products

Tools & Supplies



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Yellow Dog & Evolution Grooming Tools

Grooming tools for all breeds of furry pet. Professional quality brushes, combs, scissors, and nail clippers that will keep your pet looking good.

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100% Natural for Pets

Provides a variety of grooming aides that are Canadian made and chemical free.

Pet liniment, paw spray, nose balm, and invisible boot available.

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Earthbath & Tropiclean

Shampoos, Wipes, Foams and Sprays provide your pet with all natural, chemical free cleansing that is safe and effective.

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Ear Clean Kits:

Imrex - Tropiclean - Vet's Best - Nutri-vet

Provide ear cleaner and ear drying creams to dissolve excess debris and wax from the ear canal.

Helps to prevent odour and yeast growth.

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Oral Care Kits:

Enviro Fresh - Triple Pet - Tropiclean

Cleaning your pet's teeth made easier with natural pastes, gels, and solutions.

Chemical free, safe, and effective in preventing periodontal disease and freshening breath.

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Bitter Apple Spray

An effective chew deterrent for all animals.

Can be used directly on the animal or on surfaces that you do not want licked or chewed.

250ml - 500ml

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Kwik Stop

A safe and effective styptic powder agent for all animals.

Designed to be used to stop all types of bleeding in pets and people.

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Quality games and toys for children. For more information call or visit our store.

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