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Services Available from Becca's Pet Emporium

Beccas Pet Emporium offers a complete selection of pet grooming services on site at our store.

Regular Full Groom Includes:

  • Brushout, Scissor and/or Clipper trim/shave in your desired style
  • Bath with Earthbath Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Hand Towel drying and Blow Drying
  • Shaving of paw pads/underarms/ears/bum/belly
  • Ear Plucking and Cleaning
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Anal Glands released (only if needed)
  • Complete Finishing of Style
  • Mist of premium Tropiclean or Earthbath grooming spray

*If fleas are found on the dog, a flea bath will be given
with an additional charge of $15.00 on the quoted grooming price*

Price Ranges for Full Dog/Cat Grooming

  • CAT: $35.00 - $55.00 approx.

  • SMALL DOG (under 30lbs): $35.00 - $45.00 approx.

  • MEDIUM DOG (under 60lbs): $45.00 - $65.00 approx.

  • LARGE DOG (under 80lbs): $55.00 - $70.00 approx.

  • X-LARGE DOG (over 80lbs): $75.00 - $120.00 approx.

Individual Pet Service Rates:

  • Pet Nails $10.00
  • Wing Trim $10.00
  • Dog Face Only $15.00
  • Teeth Only $15.00-$35.00
  • Anal Glands $15.00 - $20.00
  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking $5.00
  • Miniature Pig Hooves $35.00-$50.00

Self Serve Grooming:

  • We also offer a self serve grooming option for only $25.00.
  • (We provide the supplies and you groom your pet yourself.)

Terms of Service:

  • Please note: Prices quoted are only in Approximate Ranges.
  • Prices are dependant on your dog's temperament, length of grooming session & coat condition.
  • We do not use sedatives on any dog.
  • For everyone's safety we will use muzzles and/or proper restraint if any pet shows signs of aggression.
  • We offer kennels for your pet to rest in while waiting for pickup.
  • All Pet Services are by appointment only.
  • Please call 705-201-1439 or pop into the shop for appointment availability.

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